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Lightscribe - Any Drawbacks ?

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I just picked up a new LG drive that has the feature.

I haven't installed the software yet.

Does it work well ?

Are the discs needed inferior to regular ones ?
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All Lightscribe is, it just prints images and text on the top of the Lightscribe CD/DVDs.

It has no affect on non Lightscribe ones.

Looking at the feedback from users at F$. It looks like normal reviews for regular ones.
My impression is disc manufacturers need to license the LS technology, so I doubt the cheap manufacturers would do it. Then again, an LS licensed disc manufacturer could buy a bunch of el-cheapo discs and print the LS chemicals onto it.

Also, LS burning is harder on the laser, so will shorten the life of the drive by that much.
I don't know if Lightscribe technology has improved much, but I know a few years ago it could take 20-30 minutes to "burn" a label onto a Lightscribe disc. Wasn't worth it then.

Now I just use inkjet-printable discs with my printer (not the same as those stick-on labels which you should never use).
Some great input... I think I'll be staying with my Sharpie and my dreadful handwriting. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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