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Just wondering if anyone else has had similar trouble with an LG 42LC6DF from Costco or similar LG 1080p 60hrz lcd tv?

From what is happening I suspect there is something wrong with this component.

It boots up and will have bg colour and picture refresh trouble on the right hand side of the screen (the brightness is way out of wack the refresh is slow and there is no b or g just red)

Then after it runs for a short time the bg and picture refresh cleans go figure. It is almost like there is something not working on the picture board and then cleaning up after heating up.

It does not have any other issues (IE with the sound module) so I suspect the power unit board is OK.

Could it be dirt on the picture board? Or a crack? Or even a loose connector?

If it does not clean up I will take it back as Costco seems to have a very good return policy even though it is past the LG one year warranty.

At worst I might have to order a part but from what I see the boards are cheap...70 US for the picture board and 110 for a power unit so fixing it myself is definitely not out of the question.... Seeing that the screen is fine.

All today's shops do is just simple board replacements...only at ridiculous shop rates, with equally insane markups on the parts.

So taking it to have some "tech" do a simple board replacement would most likely cost more than a new TV. Which is what happened to a friend of mine with a 50 inch Panasonic LCD when his monster cables got pulled on and the picture board cracked.

I have been careful not to strain the cables so if there is a cracked board I will be a little miffed with the design of LCD tv connectors!

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I believe Costco has a 3 year warranty on their TV's. You might want to look into it before ordering any parts
Just tried to take it back and they have stopped the liberal policy on returns and now insist that their chosen "techs" fix it past 90 days after purchase. We bought it in Nov 2008 so it is still on warranty but insist on trying to fix it.

Obviously if there is no tech for LG here in Victoria then shipping it out will be a royal PITA. I will find out what the score is from their phone in repair system here in Victoria.

Trouble is the problem is intermittent and only occurs when starting up the TV from off and lasts no longer than about 15 minutes. So knowing my luck the tech will come out and the behaviour will not happen!

I think I will take some photos of the problem so that at least it will be documented.

Just wondering if there is a secondary component that powers the display in between the picture board and the display?

I have worked on old CRT TVs in the past and have some electronic knowledge..but seeing that today's tvs are just laid out as a series of non integrated boards like a computer I am not familiar with the new layouts used.

It would be nice to know the layout of the system first before making any judgment as to which component board has the problem. The old adage "load brains before shooting off mouth" seems appropriate when talking to a "tech"....who will most likely still have pimples or be reading from a script over the phone from India.
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