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Hi everybody. I curently have a 32" acl symphonic hdtv, bought from wal-mart, couple years ago. I'm now watching to buy a new panel soon, and I need your help, cause I'm not able to choose a tv out of 3 I'm watching.
Here are the 3 TVs :

Sony kdl40ex500 : 697$
Insigna 46" led acl, 120hz 1080P 699$
Panasonic TCP46C2 597$

It will be in my living room, with one small window, facing west. It will mostly use for watching tv, with a bell 9241. I also have a ps3 and an Apple tv. I also conect my lapto to my tv via HDMI, for watching movie with Boxee.

1st question, do you think it worth getting a 1080P panel?

2nd : is there a huge difference between plasma and LCD for brightness? And then between LCD and LED?

3rd : does LED tv worth the price difference? I've heard Insigna was good tv, and are made of LG parts, someone has experience this brand?

My couch is approximatly at 6' of my tv, so which of the 3 TVs is the best for me?


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Paskal, a simple search of the forum will find the answers to your questions discussed at length.

For example, Question #1 is answered here

The other two questions are answered in various threads.

Please read those posts and if you have any additional questions, please ask in existing threads.
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