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While not exactly OTA, Leafs TV Interactive online is offering all the TSN, Sportsnet and Leafs TV games streaming online in 1600kbps quality this season (and I guess past seasons as well).

I know not to expect too much from the Leafs this year, but for those of us OTA who do like to watch them, it is a viable alternative and if you order before the season, costs about as much as 1 month of cable for all the games (51 games for $39.99).

The first exhibition game was broadcast online and I was pleased with the quality (of the video, not the team, but it is exhibition). Not for those on the light internet package at 11.2 MB/min a 2 1/2 hour game will eat through 1.7GB of data or so. They have lower res broadcasts available if that is a problem.

I know that there are "free" alternatives which are not exactly legal, but this is legitimate, clear quality and you won't miss the end of games because "right holders have informed of copyright infringement" popping up on the screen. For those OTA only who need the full Leaf fix it is a good option. I don't think I'll order it this year (don't have the time for 51 games, or probably even 20 weekday games) but I only learned of this yesterday so I thought I would share.
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