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Interesting. Blockbuster closed up shop and Rogers Video sales have plummeted so this press release was surprising today.

While the North American video rental business has been making headlines with store closings and bankruptcies, Le SuperClub Vidéotron has prospered, logging impressive 40%-plus growth over the past five years. In a fast-changing marketplace, the organization's ability to adapt and its customer focus have paid off. "More than ever, Le SuperClub Vidéotron is THE entertainment destination for Quebecers," said Donald Lizotte, Vice President, Operations, Retail Division, of Quebecor Media and President of Le SuperClub Vidéotron and Archambault.
New concept, new banner

In 2011, Le SuperClub Vidéotron chose to invest in order to stand out. Nearly 40 stores, almost 20% of the total, have been renovated. Consumer response to the locations sporting the new Vidéotron le superclub signs has been strongly positive. In addition to a new design, the remodelled stores include a Videotron counter (offering cable telephone, mobile telephone, Internet access and cable TV services) and a Microplay section carrying console games.

This business development initiative, which entailed an investment of more than $10 M, was carried out in conjunction with the franchisees, local business people with close ties to their community. The combination enabled Le SuperClub Vidéotron to double its share of the Québec video rental market to an estimated 65%.

The best entertainment experience

In addition to investing to maintain its number 1 position, Le SuperClub Vidéotron introduced major changes in 2011 designed to enhance customer experience. In a rapidly shifting technological landscape, Le SuperClub Vidéotron is becoming a user-friendly environment where consumers meet entertainment specialists. The organization's growth is being driven in large part by its emphasis on human relations.

The customer focus has been accompanied by a host of bold initiatives to make life easier for customers, meet their needs and make the customer experience more flexible, ranging from unlimited movies for $9.99 per month to a lifetime guarantee on previewed movies, 7-day rentals for most films, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Le SuperClub Vidéotron is making every effort to deliver on its pledge to provide the best customer experience.

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It's the only one left in my home town we had 4 big one's not too long ago
now only videotron left and I go there for all my rentals.

they have a 9.99$ club you can rent 3 at the time no late fee's I love it
I'm watching all the tv series I love. some week end I grab more then 6 movies and it does not cost me a penny more.

with deal like this maybe why they are making it.
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