Recent findings from two research firms suggest that if you're currently in the market for a new LCD television then you may want to hold off buying for a month or two in order to secure a better deal.

According to research firm DisplaySearch, slow LCD television sales in the first nine months of this year have resulted in an oversupply of LCD TV panels which should result in a drop in prices leading up to Christmas.

The firm predicts prices in November and December could end up falling by as much as 12% below what they were in the same time period last year.

iSuppli, another well-known research firm, is predicting the price drops could even be more dramatic. It expects that by Black Friday the average price of a 32-inch LCD TV in the United States could fall by as much as $100 to an average price of between $249 and $299, down from $349 to $399 today.

Both research firms, however, says the deals could be short-lived as Flat TV panel manufacturers cut production in order to reduce the glut of panels in the marketplace.

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