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Hello guys,

I have a conventional 27" Trinitron, 4:3 ratio, CRT television and want to "upgrade" to an LCD but must match it's Picture Quality on 480i signal feed or better it while not diminishing it's 27", 4:3 viewing size surface or matching it as close as possible. If this LCD displays bigger than what I already have and keeps or betters the Viewing Picture Quality, that would be a great plus.

Any suggestions on the size and numbers for this LCD to fill my wants?

Here are the conditions:

- Maximum Viewing distance is up to 8 feet between my eyes and screen.
- Will be fed Standard Definition signal 480i
- Will view SD in 4:3 ratio (won't zoom or stretch) Yes will see black side bars
- Watch shows and fast sports
- Have no HD Channels
- Will use HDMI and Component cables
- PS3 will also be hooked-up (Games and Blu-Ray movies)

Any suggestions? I want them and thank you in advanced.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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