This week on the official Google Blog, the company announced a new stable release of it's Chrome web browser for Windows, which includes two of the browser's most frequently, requested features: extensions and bookmark sync.

Extensions are little programs, created by developers, which add additional functionality to the Chrome browser. Currently there are over 1,500 extensions in the Chrome extensions gallery.

Bookmark sync is a handy feature for people who use several computers and want to keep the same bookmarks on all of their computers. If you have a Gmail account and are signed in then your bookmark will be synced when Chrome starts up on your computer. Once a bookmark is added on one computer, it's automatically added to other computers the next time you sign on.

In addition to new features, Google says the new stable release is 42% faster than the last stable release and 400% faster than Chrome's first stable release last year.

You can download Google Chrome for free at