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Larger Shaw dish

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I live in a fringe area, Iqaluit, Nunavut. I was sent the usual Shaw Direct package with the standard Shaw dish; however this standard dish is to small for my area. I am only receiving 42 on my receiver and the result is I cannot get HD and the slightest rain or snow affects the reception.

All the Bell dishes in this area are using 1.2 miter dishes. I am looking for a 1.2 miter Shaw compatible dish but so far i haven't had any luck.

Any suggestions?

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e60 vs e75

The larger Shaw dish is called an Elliptical 75 cm (e75) this type should have been shiiped to you but they are more expensive and heavy, Much more difficult to adjust. it is possible that your skew (dish rotation) isn't right but you are probably pointing very low in the sky, I usually have problems with trees when I aim dished - any obstruction will cut down the signal and wet leaves kill the signal.
Make sure you get the 75cm dish from them!
Shawinstaller: Does Iqaluit have any trees and wet leaves?
If the largest of the Shaw dishes (the 75e) does not work for you, you're still not dead in the water. You can purchase a larger KuBand dish and linear polarity LNB from any satellite equipment dealer. An example of such a dish is the Patriot 85. There are doubtless other larger dishes that you could also purchase.

The issue with this kind of setup is that a generic LNB that will work with these larger dishes will be capable of receiving from only one satellite at a time. Therefore, in order to get the full range of Shaw programming from the 2 Shaw satellites, you would need 2 such dishes and LNB's, each one pointed at one of the Shaw satellites, doubling the cost. The dishes would need to be connected with an external switch that will allow your Shaw receiver to automatically select which dish to draw the signal for a given channel.

At one point, I used such a generic dish & LNB for Shaw since all the programming I was interested in came from only one of the Shaw satellites. This kept the cost down. So, for example, if you were interested on English-only programming and not much HD, you could get away with one generic dish & LNB pointed at Anik F1R.

Certain really tech-savvy guys have cobbled two such linear LNB's to the same dish, but it's not for the faint-of-heart or the short-of-patience.

A satellite equipment store should be able to advise you further. Just be sure to tell them you are interested in KuBand reception. Any equipment designed for the 2 American providers or Bell will not be able to receive Shaw Direct.
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Thanks everyone for your comments; I will try to get the P-85.

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