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Hi, Can anyone offer some advice??

Some facts..

1. I am on the South Shore of Montreal.
2. I have a home landline with Primus now (past few months) (was Rogers)
3. I have a cell line with Rogers.
4. Both lines have call forwarding, Call waiting and Voice Mail.
5. I never give out my cell phone number, so people call my home number to call me.
6. I have a small home business.

Now the problem, (which seems to have started around the time I made a switch to Primus)

When I go on the road, I transfer my home calls to my cell phone, not a problem, if someone calls my home number, the calls get forwarded to my cell perfectly..... The problem is if a second person calls my home phone while I am still on the phone with the first call, the second caller get a busy signal....

I tested that if the second call is from someone dialing my cell number instead, the call waiting feature does work fine. So it means the problem is my home line provider.

I contacted Primus, who has told me they can only transfer 1 line at a time..... I contacted Videotron, they say the same as Primus.... I contacted Bell, they say the same, BUT when I told the CSR it used to work with Bell he replied they have not made any changes to this in years he thinks it would work the same. Before Primus, I had a Rogers home line, (Rogers took over my Sprint account a few years ago) and did not have the problem.... but they no longer offer home phone service in Quebec.

I am going to find someone with a Bell line, and make the test, but in the meantime.....

My question is anyone else have/notice this problem? ...and have suggestions....

Would a digital line be any different?:confused:
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