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Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour coming to HBO

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Lady Gaga’s fans who couldn’t see the pop sensation live will get a chance to see her on HBO in May in Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.

The two-hour show, taped February 21 and 22 in her hometown of New York City, features Lady Gaga playing some of her most well-known songs accompanied by a ten-piece band and ten backup dancers.

Sad to say but I'm wanting to see this.
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A kid at school asked me today if I'd rather see Celine or Lady Gaga in concert.

Lady Gaga all the way. :eek:
I can't wait to see it, Lady Gaga is one of the few out there that knows music. she can play a piano like the best of them. cheers to her!
I agree. After seeing her on SNL I gained so much more respect for her.
Her music is starting to grow on me, normally I'm classic rock all the way and not much of a fan of current music but slow but sure I'm becoming a fan :p
Lady Gaga - Born This Way Set it to 1080p and full screen. ;)
this was advertised as 5.1. But tonight HBO Canada is airing it in 2.1:confused:
I quite enjoyed this concert, similarities a bit of Madona, but Gaga has a lot more singing and Musical talent, and well yeah she is pretty weird, but its all show anyways, I loved it that she said I dont lip sync, never did and never will.
Anyone else notice Sir Paul in the crowd there, with his new bride to be
and Yes why it was only 2.1 and not in 5.1, Bummer

"Gaga has more talent".

I'm not so sure about that, but it's all opinion.
She is talented. As you say, more or less is a matter of opinion. She is also following a path pioneered by the likes of David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Madonna and doing it very successfully. It seems that pop artists need an elaborate stage act and a dance music track to make it to the top these days. Sign of the times, I guess. Personally, I prefer Gwen Stephanie for this type of guilty pleasure but that too is a matter of opinion and taste.
I thought the show was pretty good. I liked the it about Marisa Tomei and Liza Minelli. As far as talent, to me if an artist can sing and play its own instruments then it is talent.

But like Scarybob mentioned, talent is in the eyes of the beholder.
I know she is way over the top on some stuff, but the portion when she was just singing and playing the piano, well I thought that She would be one hell of a good Jazz musician, if she toned down the act and just played the piano and sing. Her voice was very nice during that segment, Way better vocal range than Madonna who never did impress me with her singing. Thats more of what I was saying, The Blood and weird stuff well thats more like shock weird Ramstein stuff, who I like in concert but would never listen to in the car lets say.
I watched the show and was quite impressed ! A bit different but not over the top, I don't own any of Gaga's albums but did check them out in iTunes afterwards and most likely will purchase them in the near future :p
I enjoyed it. Definitely she borrows a lot from Madonna and Michael Jackson but, as noted earlier, she definitely has a much better voice than Madonna.

I found the swearing, the constant reference to Monsters and Born This Way offputting but overall enjoyed it.
this was advertised as 5.1. But tonight HBO Canada is airing it in 2.1:confused:
It aired in DD2.0.

From my Astral (TMN/HBO Canada) contact (paraphrased):

Astral usually get tapes, however, in this case they used the Satellite feed to air at the same time as the US and for some reason they only picked up DD2.0. They are getting a DD5.1 tape and will load it onto their servers ASAP. It airs again on Wednesday afternoon, but I'm not sure if that one will be DD5.1, or whether it'll be a bit later...
I PVR'd it and haven't watched it yet, so I'll wait for the DD5.1 version.
Thanks for the info 57. I was wondering if you would do what you exactly did.;)
I was really annoyed last night. I was monkeying with the sound formats thinking I had done something til I realized it was probably Astral screwing up.

Sure enough.

Astral is really incompetent. Perhaps one of the biggest television events they will air all year and they can't even get the audio right.

Someone at the organization should be fired. I could understand if the first minute or two was DD2.0 and then they switched over to 5.1 but the whole broadcast?
hugh said:
Astral is really incompetent...
I believe that's an unfair comment when it comes to Astral. Anyone can make an occasional mistake - it's how it's then handled. I have found that Astral have always been responsive to their customers and try to make it right in the end. They are a premium network and people on this forum have almost always provided positive feedback after contacting Astral.

Astral has more than one "premiere" movie or event per day and I can probably count on one hand the number of times there has been a major issue during the past 10 years, and when there was an issue, it's almost always put right as soon as possible. I have e-mails going back to 2002 with Astral - mostly discussing their difficulty in getting DD5.1 material from the studios (now resolved with most studios).
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