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Kodak lets you email photos to your digital frame

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And you can regularly "update" the gifted frame by emailing more photos to granny and pappy. I think it's a great concept.
Exactly. I considered giving my Mom a digital frame but the hassle of updating photo's (she's too old to do it) was too much. By emailing it to her, I can add a photo or two every week and surprise her.

I don't know if other frames offer this but I thought it was very cool.
Your grandparents have email? And broadband connection with Wi-Fi? Wow, you all must be younger than spring chicks then. :p
That would require my parents to have broadband access and a wireless router. Way too much for them to handle. :)

In addition, they're not saying if you can delete photos remotely. I wouldn't want to end up with a 1000 pictures in the frame and have the new ones in a rotation where it may take hours to show up. I'd rather keep the frame with 20 or so photos that I can swap with fresh new ones regularly.

Currently, I just send a new SD card to my parents and they know how to do the swap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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