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Kobo Original eReader unrecognized by computer

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I recently inherited a Kobo Original (or K1), model number N416. It's tethered, and therefore dependent on its connectability with my computer. I plugged it into my windows 10, and downloaded Kobo desktop. The reader displays a page that says it is plugged in, and that the light will turn blue in about 3 hours when it is fully charged. No prompt to "Manage Library" as stated in other forums for the Kobo Wifi setup.
Called support, where I received the advice "windows 10 is too advanced for this outdated piece of technology."
Okay. So I plugged the reader into my HP mini running on Vista Basic. Downloaded Kobo Desktop, and Adobe Digital Editions. Tried v3 and v4.5. Absolutely no recognition in any of the programs or even in My Computer.
Kobo website says KD discontinued compatability with XP, but even on Vista I am seeing no connectability, and after hours of research, I am only finding advice for the successor to the model that I possess.

All advice is appreciated. Hoping the device isn't so obsolete that there is no redemption for it.

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It may be necessary to select Manage Library manually since it may not appear automatically. If that doesn't work, I would try replacing the cable, using a different USB port and a PC running Windows 7.

If an Unknown Device appears in Device Manager when the Kobo is plugged in, there may be an issue with Windows recognizing the Kobo. Not sure if it is applicable but it may be necessary to set Windows to automatically download drivers or manually find and download a Windows driver for the Kobo.

If not already done, a reset may help.

Resetting your Kobo Glo HD

Here is a link to the User Manual

Unfortunately, many companies stop supporting devices after a few years or when new versions of operating systems are released. (I've had this happen with lots of hardware.) It might be possible to find an unofficial workaround to make it work with Windows 10 but it would be a long shot.
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