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I think everybody gets the duty refunded, even on returned broken Kindles. In other words you're making money on a returned unit.

It may take 2 months but you'll probably get 100% of duty returned.

Kindle in Canada has a smaller selection due to the deals that are not in place with the publisher(s). If you go across the border you can buy items that you can't buy here. The opposite is probably true as well.

I email 30+ documents a day to my Kindles wifi address. No issues. These are mainly publications sent via Calibre software.

3G is a user preference. If you have a smartphone with tethering you won't need it. If you're on a beach and want to check your email, perhaps you need it.

How would you use it? I have it, mainly for travel purposes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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