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Kindle US Order

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Ok, I've read a number of related posts, but want to reaffirm a few things...

I live in Toronto, and I want to purchase a Kindle 3 wi-fi from ***********. End price is $167, including duty deposit.

Here are a few of my questions:
If I drove to Buffalo to purchase, what is the duty charged at the border?
How frequently are people getting the duty refunded?
What are the obvious differences when using a Kindle in Canada? Are there any?
Are there any risks to uploading mobi files not purchased through amazon to the Kindle? What are your experiences with that.
Is the 3G surfing functionality worth the extra cost? I'd only be interested in checking email in the GTA.

Look forward to your thoughts.
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Kindle in Canada has a smaller selection due to the deals that are not in place with the publisher(s). If you go across the border you can buy items that you can't buy here. The opposite is probably true as well.
Or save the travel time and change the primary address of your account on the US Amazon site with a fake US address. Then you can purchase the items from the US store that you can not get in Canada. This is what I do for my wife's Kindle. I picked a state that doesn't have a sales tax, not sure if you get charged sales tax on e-books purchased from the US Amazon store.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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