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Kenwood VR-407 no video out

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Good day all. I was wondering if anybody might have some input on a problem I've having.

I just inherited a Kenwood VR-407 receiver from a buddy of mine. He was just using it up until a few days ago, both audio and video in and out worked fine.

I was setting it up today and I could not get any video out. I tried both RCA and S Video in/out combinations on all of the inputs with no success. There is video going through the cables which is confirmed by plugging directly into the TV. I confirmed therefore that the issue is with the receiver. I checked all the cables out and they are working fine.

Can anybody give me any suggestions? I hope it's nothing too bad. Kind of puzzled since it worked fine but a few days ago.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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What are you plugging into it? I've found that it will block some form of macrovision or something on some devices. For example, I can't get video from a PS3 or Xbox360 to pass through it.
Here's a list of things to check. I'd start by seeing if you can reset the AVR - usually covered in the operating manual somewhere (troubleshooting?). Next, check that your cables are working (in and out of the AVR)
And the other thing I forgot about, the receiver won't convert between composite and svideo connections, you need to have like to like end to end for video to flow.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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