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Recently bought Kef KHT1005.2 speakers

I picked up some Kef KHT1005.2 speakers on clearance. Use them with my Denon AVR-790. I immediately saw a big improvement in clarity and volume over my old (Visions)Soundstage surround speakers(they were the smallest set, R/L speakers have 5 inch woofers, centre and surrounds have 4 inch woofers). This set of 1005 Kefs only has 3 inch woofers and the 2005s/3005s have 4 inch, and the sub is a 10 inch instead of my 8 inch one. My living room is 12x14 but these Kefs can fill it nicely and the sub doesn't pound on the floor under normal usage, so they are apt/condo suitable. What I like is they look nice, dont take up much room, and can handle a fair bit of power. They did sound like they were playing from a tunnel at first, but after they broke in a bit, that sound went away. I'm guessing the 2005/3005s could really deliver, and I almost wish I had checked them out before buying.
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