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KCTS9 (PBS Seattle) promo quality

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On KCTS-TV Seattle, almost all promotions for upcoming TV shows for PBS with local graphics has a worst, Internet-like quality, so it looks so bad on its HD version. Same for PBS Kids on KCTS9. On WGBH-TV Boston its promotions are high quality, which is very good than KCTS9.

On the final note, today I watched Sesame Street today on KCTS9, and before the show goes on, it uses PBS Kids GO! ID, even though the show are for preschoolers (not for grown-up kids), with the worst quality.

I have Bell Satellite TV, where KCTS-TV and WGBH-TV is there.
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KCTS on Bell satellite has some audio problems, often muting for a split second and very annoying especially on concert and music programs.

When I watched the Vision of Italy on PBS (I forgot if it's KCTS or the east coast one), the quality is not as good as the one shown on HD.Net, while both on HD.
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