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just got the new bell iptv internet phone

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Just started playing with it but with one surprize a ton better then roger ripoff.

With 2 SD tvs and 1 HD plus XBOX network with up to 6 pcs

Still pulling 12-15 megs down and 2-4 up.

Install guys were great pulled new line from pole. But it has reboot the modem twice for no reason.

Will let you guys know more as I use it
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No I do not work for bell. I was with Rogers for almost 20 yrs Shaw before that.

Bell before this offering just wouldn't cut it for me With these speeds and what I get now for about 85 less a month then I paid rogers.
the first year I'm saving 120 month.

If it performs as well as this Rogers is going to be losing alot of clients.

Day 2 still impressed.
I can tell you for the same service from Rogers I was paying around 210 month all in
For the first year fibe is costing 86.00 month all in, after that it's 122.00
That includes the 1 HD and two SD boxes only got one with rogers.
Thats a discount I couldn't refuse.

Haven't had an issue since the first night resets.

Now if I can get my 659 remote to work with VIP 1232 I will be content.
That pricing doesn't make sense to me.
What dosn't make sense? Its cheap I know thats what they gave me.
Maybe the ones who get a letter asking to sign up get a better rate.
What I can say is I spent an hr on the phone setting it up they bent over backwards to give me extras.

I got my remote to work if anyone has a harmony remote use the VIP1212 from the PVR list this works.
Even programing the remote using the learn feature will not.
There is a pdf

It gives you pricing but call for the deals.

Its not every where yet.
whats hard to believe Internet around 50.00 per month + modem rental.
Home phone 40.00+a 20.00 long distance package
TV 98.00 plus 1 box rental and lots of those little charges like system access fees 911.
No pornos or sports packs
It adds up I didn't include all of the overages they charged me and the time I spent each month to check the bills and then fight to get it removed.
They all have issues Bell is no different and I know it will be fun too!!

Bottom line is this for the ones that can get it, are getting crazy deals.
Call them and ask then make your choice.

I should point out that for me there will be an extra 20 bucks to get back some channels I will lose when the first month of free open channels.
Still I'll be getting more then from Bell then rogers for less.
After a week I can say this this My Internet is always faster then Rogers TV is cleaner although after being with rogers the guide and stuff is a little confusing, but not hard.
Phone service is about the same.
See less See more
The service has been solid outher then the odd channel freeze but can't tell if its 5ervice or the channels.

Got big billing suprize though haven't given them a dime yet I should owe them around 240 for two months they just sent me a bill and after all of charges I still have a 300.00 credit can't be right.
Hee hee
I think I'm going to send them my monthly amount anyway I know I owe it just don't need to be stuck with a big bill when the sort it out
Yes it's not everywhere I Live in Scarb.
But it's not really fibre ether the "last mile" is copper they have fibre to and thoughout the substations, but from there to the modem is copper.
I'm actually about 1000 feet from the sub which helps I'm sure
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