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Hi folks

I haven't been here in a while but now I have a question.

I recently picked up a sub on sale, and Energy ESW-C10 more to be able to quickly control the bass at night since I'm in an apartment with nasty neighbors. I have a question about stereo setup.

Here's my setup:
Denon AVR-989
Energy RC-50 front
Energy CC-100 Center
Energy C-200 surround
Energy ESW-C10

I listen to quite a bit of music as well as watching movies. In particular, I listen to LP's. My receiver lets me have different settings for 2ch Direct/Stereo and I'm confused on what to do.

Would there be any point in adding the sub for stereo? If so, would I set my fronts to small or large, and would I set the sub to LFE or LFE+Main? From what I can read, the sub goes to 32Hz and the mains go to 33Hz so I don't know if it's going to have any effect if any.

My hearing doesn't pick up low frequencies very well, so it's more for the SO and the neighbors ;)

If it makes a difference, I listen mostly to 70's-80's rock and electronica.
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