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Jumpers for hard drive pins

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I need them to disable the advanced features of WD20EARS hard drives to use with windows home server

Nobody in Canada seems to sell them (they're about 20 cents each in the U.S. but I haven't found anybody who will ship them to Canada!)

Managed to scavenge a couple off an old dead PC, but I still need at least 3 more
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Not sure if size is the same, but many modem, sound cards, CD drives etc, have those type of jumpers. If you still have that computer you salvaged them from check those items.
Often those jumpers were not used, and they would be turned so they were only on one pin so they were actually only stored, so you could salvage one from a working computer if it isn't using those jumpers. But don't blame me if something goes wrong.:rolleyes:
Memory express sells em. 25 packs
Do a search for Drive Jumper
Thanks guys!

I had 3 old DVD ROM drives sitting around and they each had a jumper!

Memory express web site wanted about $11 to ship a $5 tiny package. Maybe if I call them they can be more reasonable and pop it into a regular mail envelope.
There are lots on eBay for cheap. Search for "computer jumpers".
The best way is to scrounge them from discarded components. That doesn't help if none is available though. I was in the same position once. Local PC stores would not sell them and no other sources were available. Now I have a small collection of jumpers and other difficult to find small hardware.
You can try Active Surplus on Queen Street West.
agree, scrounging is best, but if ur in a pinch, MCM Electronics has them, 25 in a bag for 1.20
Looks like they ship to Canada...
Thanks for all the responses. I scavenged a total of 5 which was all I needed at this point. Now I have multiple options if I need more later
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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