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Go into favourites and set your channel guide there by selecting the channels you want to show, that's what I did.Favourites list 1 that I made up shows me all the channels that I subscribe to and watch,therefore I don't have to go through all of them.

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I had created a scheme to show a dim red channel icon (almost B/W version of maroon/black channel number) in the grid if that station isn't subscribed.
If they got the tuning subroutine worked out, then you can browse the guide as see what you're missing.
It was also designed to allow you to do a scan and see what you get and what you don't to create an ALL-SUB favourites pre populated with edit options to select all or select non and create or modify your list.

This was spec'd, but I cannot guarantee if this new feature made it or not.
I hope so, it's quite slick when I saw it running in the lab, but is it ready for prime time?, dunno.

I think I read that it IS one of the features, but how much or how far the spec got implemented will all be a surprise.

Short of what I described, we made no provisions to delete a channel other than the methods noted.

In the interim, the advice already posted should help some.

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Great Timing

Well, just as I was eagerly awaiting the ‘new’ code, my 530 bit the dust. After months of reading some of the horror stories on the forums on just how badly this unit could fail, I thought I was pretty lucky until this weekend.

How a failure could manifest itself in so much odd behavior is beyond me:
  • Freeze Ups on most every function, channel change, guide paging, options menu choices
  • Inability to boot, often 3-4 times of a soft-reset to bring machine on
  • Stuck on one channel, the last one I managed to change to before it would lock up again, the info bar showing the new channel, but no change in picture from old one. Unfortunately it was Treehouse! ;)
  • DVR recordings showing the Live-Record as an entry (and currently recording), (I had a factory reset done first time, and I had no timers, the channel listed on the entry was the channel the unit was on).

So after two sessions with customer service, they nicely volunteered to replace my unit at no cost to me, I did not have to beg or anything (though as frustrated as I am with the breakdown, it was handled well by SC).

So while on the phone with SC the tidbits I heard were that the major rollout of the new code started today, they have had very few problems related to the rollout so far, and that I probably would have received it if it was not for the breakdown. The replacement box will get the new code the first night it is activated.

And this odd little biddy….

The CSR claimed that yet another release is coming shortly after this one, with some bug improvements around lock-up detection etc. I’m not sure I believe this, as why would they just not drop everything in one release in a month or two instead of two so close together.
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