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July 18th: DSR530 Code CC Fixes, Features & Bugs

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Check your target version tonight/tommorow.

As was posted here earlier and a C&P from another site that references a VP's response to a subscriber regarding the upcoming code:

The new feature set, if all passes, includes the following:

- Far improved operational stability for channel tuning (far few lock-ups during channel change -- in fact, so far we have seen none from that cause)
- Far improved timer performance for DVR recording, and for PPV recordings (again, so far no failures)
- Far improved performance for playback of DVR recordings (again, so far no failures)
- New sorting criteria for recordings
- A way to jump to identified times of recordings (i.e. 1 hour in)
For the majority of us that were on A8, this is great news as we'll finaly get the long sought after features that BC delivered to a selected few hundred.

For those of us on BC just waiting for the box to die after too many reboots, this should be a life saver.

Do check out all the new features in the beginning of the BC thread.

Enjoy the improved stability that CC brings.
Have faith that while not 100%, it's the closest the box has ever been and that new and exciting stuff is in the pipe.

From my experience in the past several weeks, what was quoted appears true for the most part.

Unfortunatly my source of information that gave me a closer view than most is no longer available.

Good luck and enjoy the efforts of many.

I'll still be around to help out as best I can.
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RIP: DSR530 January 2006 - June 2007

May you rest in peace my dear receiver... Like your entire family, you have died from the same unknow disease after suffering for the past month :(

Seriously, my unit has been locking up for the past month and now it won't boot up anymore.

I am about to call SC to get a replacement. I will bring up the Jim Cummins Warranty to get a free replacement. Any documentation on this warranty before i call.

Any suggestion on how i should proceed with SC so that i get a free new unit instead of a refurb?

I know this probably doesn't mean very much, but a reply from ask Jim last week stated that the new code download would start the middle of July. I asked him to be as exact as possible with a time frame.
Well after 18 months of near flawless operation my 530 died a painful death last Sunday night, during the NASCAR race! After 45 minutes on the phone with a very helpful CSR it was determined my unit was in need of replacement. We discussed the differences between new and referb, and I opted for the referb but he noted on my account that should I change my mind for any reason, to call and they will send out a new one. I received my replacement Wednesday but have yet to test it, working too much! BTW they sent me it fully free of charge, not even the shipping!
smurfy71, you mention that SC did not charge you for your replacement unit.
It is the case? Was it your first unit?

My unit is 18 months old too. I just just call SC and the CSR is playing hardball with me. Fisrt, he wanted to charge me 199$ for a refurb, then i mention the Jim Cummis Warranty, which he did not knew about. He would not listen to me when i mention the Jim C. Warranty, so i asked to speak to his supervisor, which he did not let me, but he came back with a 100$ offer became i was a good client... I told him that no way i would pay anything when some other clients are not.

This CSR was a real jerked or not having a good shift.

By the way, this CSR is really an
Jim Cummins Warranty

I would like more details about the Jim Cummins Warranty...

I believed that all units were covered for one more year as of July 18th, 2007 with the release of code CC.

SC is playing hardball with me... They want to charge me 199$ for a refurb (or $100 because i complain and i was a good client).

I told them that i would call back after getting details about the Jim Cummins Warranty...
I'd have to say it's a hit or miss opportunity when it comes to the supposed Jim Cummins warranty -- this is definitely not something that I'd heard about while I was a TSR. Actually, the $199 replacement fee was brought up quite often, and they didn't like when reps would just waive that fee all the time.

Basically, I'm saying that I wouldn't put full blame on the rep you were speaking with. More than likely it's not his/her fault.
I will call tomorrow and speak to another rep instead. He would not let me speak to his supervisor.

Since the hockey season is now over, i can afford to wait a little bit longer for my replacement.
I guess I was lucky. My 530 was getting more and more cranky over the last few months. A short while ago, instead of the usual 15 second warm reboot, I decided to attempt a cold restart. After leaving the system unplugged for about 10 minutes, I plugged it back in and ... surprise surprise... it refused to start. I could hear the harddrive spinning up, but no lights.

I now started to wonder how to explain this to SC and I didn't want to fight for a free replacement. So recalling ARR's hairdrier suggestion, I hoped to get the system running enough to call SC for a system reset. I spent about an hour gently warming the board, attempting the cold boot (which hung after flashing the lights a few cycles), followed by a warm reset. It wasn't too bad. I managed to get the system up and tuned to 299. Just in time to break for dinner, soon to be followed by a call to a CSR.

After a mighty fine dinner, I descended downstairs with the phone in hand only to discover that my son had unplugged the 530 so he could play on the Xbox. I had moved the 530 so I could access it better and, as a result, displaced his Xbox. I guess I couldn't get too mad. Another hour later and I was ready to call SC.

A very helpful CSR answered and we proceded through the steps for a factory reset. Everything was going fine until the point where a download occurs. The system appeared to cycle continuously (corrupted flash, perhaps). The CSR then instructed me to unplug the 530 and wait for a few minutes. While waiting, we chatted about the 530, upcoming code, etc. By the way he was taking, I would guess that he had a 530 that was replaced. To make a long story short, the 530 refused to start after being plugged in.

SC sent me a "new" replacement. No mention of any charges.

I must say that every time that I have dealt with a SC CSR, I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism and helpfulness. Based on my experiences, I would recommend SC to others (maybe even the 530 "3434 version").
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Like you, Mr. Dubious, our 530 died a slow death. It all culminated when we moved. When our installation man tried to fire up the 530, it would not! Due to the time of day, he wound up calling *C in Calgary. He did the talking and got us a new 530 shipped promptly. No mention of a service or shipping fee.
We've been with *C for about 10 years and we just can't say enough about how excellent they have been to us. We love StarChoice!! We recommend them to anyone who is considering sat tv or current customers of that other provider - (he who is not to be named -Voldomort?). Incidently, the NEW unit came with CE.
Way to go StarChoice!! Thank you!
Successfull on second call...

I have told you guys that my unit had died last weekend. I called SC yesterday, and got a CSR that was not very cooperative with me when i mentionned the 'Jim Cummins Warranty'. He denied it and was only offer a $100 refurb...:mad: which i refused to take. By the way, this CSR told me that i needed to hook up my phone line as this is the only that i would get a new software version... Well, i was never hook up on a phone line when i got CC, so unless they have changed the way they deliver a new version, this guy is really not reliable.

Well, i called again today, i got someone else located in Calgary and this CSR was very aware of the DSR530 problems and issues. He was also aware of the Jim Cummins Warranty that is being discussed in this forum.

So, anyways, after going thru the drill trying to bring back to life a dead unit, this very nice guy decided to send me a replacement unit for only $13.99 (shipping fees). I asked him to ensure to send me a new unit, which he eventually agree on. So, i new unit i am expecting in 7-10 days.

I am happy with this deal. :D
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You probably won't even have to wait 7-10 days either... When I got mine switched last year it was less than 24 hours before it showed up at my door. Phoned on a Monday afternoon and it was delivered Tuesday morning just before noon. That was fast!
I can't believe they charged you shipping fees! I've had 2 units replaced in the past 6 months and never paid a cent. I've also had the units within 2-3 days, shipped from Ontario to BC.
I can't believe they charged you shipping fees! I've had 2 units replaced in the past 6 months and never paid a cent. I've also had the units within 2-3 days, shipped from Ontario to BC.
Well, i can live with that if they send me a new unit instead of a refurb. I went from $200 for a refurb to shipping fees only for a new unit.
I think your all lucky *C didn't go by policy and charge what they charge all customers for replacement fees and shipping charges :p.
The $200 fee is crazy....... someone spends $100 for a basic receiver and it's covered under their mutiple receiver fee for life...... but someone spends $700 on a unit that fails after one year and then is expected to shell out an additional $200. All for a unit that has proven to be very unreliable (despite what they want to believe).

....and this doesn't count how much *C gets from us from programming.
I'm still a believer that the non working units out there are a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of 530 owners who are having minimal or no issues. I say again, you don't hear from the people whose 530's are working fine as they have no reason to complain.
It may indeed be a "drop in the bucket" but it still seems quite significant (especially considering the price of this particular receiver).

I mean, I've heard absolutely NOTHING on these boards about DSR317s -- yet I'm sure there's quite a lot of people buying them. To me, that would indicate the 317 is a solid receiver with few complaints. I know this isn't exactly a scientific way of doing things, but it does bring up a valid point (IMO).

Don't get me wrong -- I really do enjoy my DVR530 receiver (though I feel it's too expensive).... I just don't want to see this thing die on me after October, at which point I'll be screwed out of an additional $200 (I'm not looking forward to it).
If the 317 is doing well, thats a promising point as the impending DSR5XX guide has basically been previewed in the 207/317.

But what separates them is the 530 is dual tuner and DVR.

I agree that the failure rate is likely so low that they have little problem waving the customary fees.

If you think the 530 is expensive, read my post on the cost of a fully loaded HiDef FTA PVR system. Came in ~ $1400
Well I have had four 530's (two new ones and two refurbished) and they have all ben extremely buggy. The one that had the least problems died on me after downloading the BC code. All the others have serious sound dropout problems with recordings as well as occasional freezes and sometimes complete loss of sound until I hit jump forward. I cannot believe that I am one of the few unlucky ones to get faulty receivers. It has to be inherent.
Same experience as your's

I've had the exact same experience as you since may 2005. I'm still hoping that the next code release will solve all our problems. I guess that's the same as believing in Santa Claus. Perhaps next christmas??? I'll try to be be a good and obedient *C customer in 2007. I should be rewarded...Don't you think?
I've had my 530 since February, and it requires a soft reset every 2 weeks.

The only reason I'm not posting is because I know the 530 has issues, I bought it knowing it had issues, and I can deal with them for now.

I've never called in to report anything to StarChoice. I'm pretty sure they know I'm having problems. :)
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