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July 18th: DSR530 Code CC Fixes, Features & Bugs

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Check your target version tonight/tommorow.

As was posted here earlier and a C&P from another site that references a VP's response to a subscriber regarding the upcoming code:

The new feature set, if all passes, includes the following:

- Far improved operational stability for channel tuning (far few lock-ups during channel change -- in fact, so far we have seen none from that cause)
- Far improved timer performance for DVR recording, and for PPV recordings (again, so far no failures)
- Far improved performance for playback of DVR recordings (again, so far no failures)
- New sorting criteria for recordings
- A way to jump to identified times of recordings (i.e. 1 hour in)
For the majority of us that were on A8, this is great news as we'll finaly get the long sought after features that BC delivered to a selected few hundred.

For those of us on BC just waiting for the box to die after too many reboots, this should be a life saver.

Do check out all the new features in the beginning of the BC thread.

Enjoy the improved stability that CC brings.
Have faith that while not 100%, it's the closest the box has ever been and that new and exciting stuff is in the pipe.

From my experience in the past several weeks, what was quoted appears true for the most part.

Unfortunatly my source of information that gave me a closer view than most is no longer available.

Good luck and enjoy the efforts of many.

I'll still be around to help out as best I can.
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Don't pay for a new unit!

I called SC yesterday because my unit is having to be reset far too often (20 resets to get it running yesterday).

When I called, the only thing they asked was if I was on a surge protector. I told him I was, but that I've experienced the same problem when plugging it directly into the wall outlet. After that he said they would replace the unit, no cost, not even shipping cost. I've had the unit since the 530 first came out.

So I guess it depends on who you get when you call. I'd call back and ask for a supervisor.

You shouldn't have any problem getting a new unit for free.
Definately call back and talk to someone else. You should have no problem getting a free replacement.
Does the multi receiver fee not cover a 530 replacement? Seems to me that when they introduced this fee they made a lot of noise about unlimited warranty if you had more than one receiver and were paying this fee.
No, there is a $199 replacement fee for the 530 under the multi receiver fee program.
My 530 is dead

My 530 is now dead, it will not get passed the blue lights when starting up. Hard resets and unplugging didn't help. Called Starchoice tech support and they said "new code came down last night, and it killed about 75% of the units that DIDN'T take the update". And they can't do anything to fix the unit over the phone, so they need to replace it. Guess what...they don't have any new units, so they are shipping out a refurbished one.

WTF is wrong with these people, can't they test new code.
I guess I should consider myself lucky then -- still have CC, and target version says 00. (though that is making me want to watch all the shows/movies on my DVR now just in case something happens.
Did we REALLY need to start ANOTHER thread??

C'est Domage!
Did they say what code they were sending out?
I'd be surprised if that big a faux paus really took place.

They test out close to a hundred units and do extensive download testing.
Was this new code designed to fix the CC death problem?
Can ANYBODY confirm either a NEW version received or a target version?
If so WHAT version? Does it look any different? Like the 207/317 guide?

Did anybody with a different model receive an upgrade?

It's possible the unit was on it's last legs anyways and a download just sealed the deal.
Try removing BOTH COAX's and keep power cycling it several times.
If you get it going, then connect the coax back up.
This sometime reverses a corupt/incomplete download.
Try gently warming the unit with a hair dryer and then power it up again.

Sometimes statements get confused when unrelated things get mixed together in the same conversation.

But anything IS possible.
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Well, I have CC code with no new target.

I did have a power outage 2 days ago and the unit returned to normal when power was restored. I have it plugged in to a fairly decent surge protector.

I also had a freeze up last night while watching a recording. A single front panel reset fixed it.

What is this new CE code supposed to do? If we manage to get CE code before the unit dies does this mean the Flash problem is supposed to go away?
I also still have CC with no new target version. I am also very curious about a possible new code and what it might fix?
Speculation and Explanation

smp01 said:
What is this new CE code supposed to do? If we manage to get CE code before the unit dies does this mean the Flash problem is supposed to go away?
Beats the hell outa me!
I can only imagine it's a *C requested emergency release from Moto to stem the flood of unexpected 530 fatalaties that just won't wait until the spring release of the new IPG Airdrie code.

About the only way I know of to use code to fix potentially faulty flash chips would be to implement some form of ECC (Error Checking and Correction) as is done in some high end computers, but this has a cost in the memory footprint, so I'm not sure just how that could work if at all.

I'm glkad they have stock of the new Phase 3 units with 00.CE code and would be interested in reports about how that code is working out.

I don;t think we need a new thread as It's still basically CC under the hood with probaly just a single driver tweak.

One should be started when the new IPG comes out in a month or 2.
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I've seen you post several times in several threads in this forum that there is a problem with the flash chips in the DSR530 and I was wondering where or how you came to find this information. I understand part of a team that helped develop the IPG used to have connects who have moved on at Starchoice and that you still have contacts in QA (if I've miss stated please correct). Is this the source of your info? The Engineers of this product?

The reason for my questions is, at least from my experience with computer hardware, the DSR is not exhibiting any of the typical signs of failing hardware or firmware or bios. Additionally, I have not seen anyone other than yourself mention anything about this nor have I seen any acknowledgement from Moto or Starchoice (not to say there isn't any just that I haven't seen it). So I'm curious:

where did you find this out?
how was it determined to be hardware?
what makes you (or those that found it) know it is the 'flash chips'
what exactly is "suffer from bit changes"?

My educated (albeit uninformed) estimate is that all these DSR530 failures are the result of poorly functioning (and/or written code) and not the result a faulty hardware. I'm not saying I'm right but without evidence to the contrary I feel that blaming hardware on the ills of this product is speculative and honestly beleive based on my own experience that code is the most likely suspect. Again, looking for more information because other than your many posts there is little IMHO that indicates its anything but code.

Your insight into the upcoming changes to the IPG has been informative so I hope you can shed some light on the disconnects between the actions of failing DSR530's and the faulty hardware statements.

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All valid questions.

I fought for the longest time that the H/W was 100% as I expected it to be from Motorola.
I did know first hand that there was some serious s/w bugs and while some remain, most of the majors have long been corrected.

This is based on working with the various development teams and in some testing roles amongst other things.

I fully expect the next round to be radically better as I know significant effort and personel was expended to mitigate some of the shortcomings in process that permitted faulty code to emerge.

I was aware of some minor h/w changes over the course of the program that brought trivial code functionality into the chip design and there was clearly some early problems with some drivers from the chip vendors.

The challenge becomes distinguishing one behavior from another.
If you operate the unit in the same manor repeatedly and the behavior varies radically from one week to the next as many have reported, how do you account for that?
If the program sets a set of bits in memory and they are good, then the execution should be repeatable.
Since they are often not, can you surmise bad memory, possibly.

I was advised by a person well associated with the product that a new flash memory chip manufacture was being used in the latest run and that 00.CE was modified to account for whatever differences might be needed.

I know when my first unit died the BC death, I spent 1 full day with a senior developer using very special s/w tools and probes to analyse the fault.
What we saw was EXTREME coruption in the flash chips and in spite of numerous attempts to CHKDSK and ultimatly format the flash file system and reload the code, it never did recover.
Should we have been able to, absolutly.

I later heard from the same contact that some gentle warming of the chips can recover a un bootable machine, which is consistant with some success those that have tried repeatly have noticed, since the unit has been warmed up by that time.

Why some units seem to be affected more than other, I don't know.
Maybe operation, maybe environment.
I do know I have units run SOLID for months and then go for a $h1t for several days and then run fine again for months.
No changes to code.
How do we account for the supposed repeatability of code operation unless some thing has changed.

Moto would never publicly comment on this as it's a *C responsibilty to do so if they choose and believe they are not in the position to affirm this yet if at all.
I rather suspect they are/will deal with it on a case by case basis as needed.
Take note that there is a great many units that seldom exhibite abherant behavior, while others are clear lemons, hence the 2 camps of posters here.
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DSR530 Problems & HD Upgrades & USB

I'm a *C customer from about Day I. I now have a HDTV oriented DSR530 - and an HDTV. Have re-booted/unplugged/replugged many more times than my old 921 receiver since purchase Fall 2006. Freeze-ups. Satellite light goes red when selecting channels. Watched programm freezes when recording program ends. PVR & Guide channels unselectable/sat light goes red. And others. It looks like the box programmers were smoking up too much against an impossible deadline to me!

What are my options? 530 is new & still within warranty. No matter what this is not an acceptably functioning product! Shall I wait & endure the 'bleeding edge' until its not so bloodY? Can I expect a replacement to be any better? Is there a better box coming down the pipeline? Or should I just forget the whole thing an embark upon FTA? Any suggestions welcome.

2) What can one do with the 160GB HD? Is it replaceable with a larger unit? By me? By *C?

3) What are the USB ports for on the back? Can I unload the HD to an outboard USB drive? Can I use an external USB drive for PVR?

I just want the best promised to specifications - Delivered - accurately without error.
Don't think that is an unreasonable expectation.
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Answers to all your questions have been provided in these forums but

the HD is not user upgradeable and haven't seen anything from *C that suggest the possibility of future upgrades.

USB ports are disabled.

No new PVR is in the pipeline.
DSR 530 recording pixelation problem

I get a pixelation problem while recording any program sd or hd as long as both tuners are not on the same channel.

tuner 1 channel 400
tuner 2 channel 400 - recording is clear

tuner 1 channel 500
tuner 2 channel 400 - recording is pixelated, turn tuner 1 back to 400 recording is clear again.

have tried switching the cables around, have had new cables installed. currently receiving receiver # 5, with the last 3 having this problem.
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I was to the understanding that the DVR537 along with the DSR507 are in the works, though they wouldn't be much of an upgrade. (Bigger drive + HDMI)
ArtM....We are recording both HD & SD programs daily with our DSR530 with no problems.... I type Mrs. Q is watching The Dog Whisperer in HD recorded this morning on Nat Geographic HD....great show BTW!

....After reading these forums endlessly before we bought our DSR530 last summer, it seems that these items are important....

....make sure that both feeds from the dish are connected properly with good signal strengths

....make sure that your DSR530 is placed on an open shelf with lot's of air circulating

....turn off the live buffer

....don't let the DSR530 hard drive get even close to full

....Hope this helps....It's a great machine!
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TJ77 said:
...DVR537 along with the DSR507 are in the works
What is the source of this information?
Hey Qualityisjobone when you say "....turn off the live buffer" is that where as long u are on a partiular channel it will tape it for up too 2 hrs or so, where u can also go back and watch while it still tapes? So if that is true, then what you mean is turn it off otherwise the 530 is prone to crashing??? Please advise, or anybody else.

1st Factory Reset since May 05

My unit would not boot. Blue cycling lights forever! Then, as if b magic it started! I called starchoice, we did my first factory reset since May 05 and I seem to be running okay again. Nevertheless, I did lose 4 episodes of Battlestar Galactica aaarg! and a few movies,,,but ;)

I hope its okay, but prior to that I had 26 reboots, according to the diagnostic menu. Keeping fingers crossed!
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