Not to be denied, Toronto Blue Jays fans angry over Rogers Media recent decision to move 25 games between August 14th and the end of the 2010 baseball season from regional Sportsnet channels to Sportsnet One are telling Digital Home that they are turning to the internet to watch games.

Using a peer-to-peer streaming program called StreamTorrent, readers say they can watch Blue Jays games broadcast over Sportsnet One streamed over the internet, albeit with a two to three minute delay.

Stream Torrent makes use of the P2P protocol to broadcast video online, helped by thousands of users worldwide who share the workload by sending and receiving data at the same time.

No word on the quality, however, readers tell Digital Home that setup of StreamTorrent is easy and resources exist on the net to get viewers up and running.

See the following links at the myP2P forum to learn more: Guide to Using Stream Torrent and the myP2P Major League Baseball forum .

-- Hugh Thompson Digital Home Blog