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Have you checked to be sure "Dial Time Out in seconds" is set to something appropriate, like 20? This may be found in "Edit DID" in the portal. If it is already appropriate, try changing it to something else, (for example 25) in case the website for some obscure reason doesn't agree with the VoIP servers.

If you use a Sub Account, do the same thing with Internal Extension Ringing Time.

Is your DID routed to a ring group in which another member could be answering the phone?

If the above doesn't help, the next thing to do is enter your ATA's configuration in Administrator / Advanced. Navigate to the User tab and be sure there is nothing configured for anything beginning with Cfwd.

Now, navigate to the Regional tab and see what is specified for Cfwd All Deact Code. If nothing is specified, make something up like *73 that is not already specified as a feature code. Save your settings, pick up your phone, and dial the feature code you just created.

Do the same thing with DND Deact Code. You can use *79 if it is not already in use.

Please let us know if any of these solve the problem.

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