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Is it normal for audio to drop out for a sec every few minutes?

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have a Motorola HD w/ PVR I just picked up from Cogeco. Every few minutes the audio drops out for just a second with a little poping sound that brings it back.

is that normal?
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I've been having the same issue with my 6416.... using an HDMI conection to my samsung plasma. I was wondering the same thing, if this is 'normal'..
It's about once per ten minutes on my end...
....and thats why I gave up on digital, shrugged, and went back to basic....why spend $67/month, $40 more than basic, when I can't get perfect signal.
Had the same problem on Rogers. Best guess is the TV is not Dolby certified and has issues with the Dolby AC3 audio embedded in the HDMI feed. The TV would do the same thing on a Scientific Atlanta HD cable box, an XBOX 360 and a PlayStation 3. All connected via HDMI. When I changed audio formats on the XBOX and PlayStation to PCM or just Digital from Dolby Digital, the audio dropouts stopped. Did not have that option on the cable box so it is connected via component and analog audio cables. Problem solved.
I was going to try that.... Either go to component, or grab an HDMI -> DVI adaptor, and run analog audio cables. I'll give it a shot if it gets any worse..
Happened all the time to us. Another reason behind the switch to Bell.

HDMI into the receiver. Audio from the receiver to my ears. Picture via HDMI into my LCD.
Its not just HDMI Audio. I have cut outs of audio with HDMI Video and Optical Audio out to my receiver. Funny how if one rewinds, the problem occurs at the same spot, the issue is the signal from Cogeco.
Or as many have stated, a problem with the feed or between the feed and Cogeco...
The manager at cogeco i was talking to told me that its a feed problem. A feed to them. It happens more at the comercial breaks. Either going to or coming off of. I then asked him how does he explain it when were watching a movie on TMN he didnt know what to say. Cogeco there so busy pointing fingers at everyone else and are losing customers over it.
CNBC been messed up this way now for 2 days

Seems like they mess up channels then measure how much people care by calling in to complain. Algos then figure out their value/cost.Haha

Seriously though its friggin ridiculous. Also my HD box drops the digital stream randomly to my receiver, triggering my expensive receivers relay while watching shows.

I think I'm going to finally pursue setting up a succinct blog/guide on cable alternatives and workarounds(some of which will be "subversive"). So much internet TV is out there if you know how & where to get it. Also, people need to be told where to buy a couple of DB4 antennas if they want the best quality HD they can get(for FREE nonetheless). Netflix, AppleTV, boomerang, libraries, sharing with neighbours, etc. The easy options are so varied.

Digital Home is an amazing site. It's a wealth of info and opinions. But cable subscribers NEED a quick place to turn to know their rights (ex: when can I cancel my contract since action by cable co. INVALIDATES THE "CONTRACT", do technicians have legal access to my property, what constitutes a contract, verbal or otherwise, can I tape the promises or lies they might happen to tell me, to enforce my rights).

It kinda seems that its almost a business strategy that media companies use: get the customer locked-in, and keep him confused and scared of learning how to do things properly.
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The only time that I get dropped audio is on the west coast hd channels.
All of the other channels are fine.
I reported this awhile a ago and they said that was impossible and agreed to send a technician out. It looks like the feed to me...
I'd recommend automatically hitting the RECORD and saving the program that the audio drops out on, if you have a PVR box. Make sure the audio drops with the replay tho'.
When using Motorola equipment the problem was present on the PVR but not the regular HD receiver. Could not watch space channel on PVR as audio dropped out every few seconds but never dropped out on other box. The same problem existed on other channels but to a significant lesser degree.
Complained frequently & indicated I was moving to satellite & received new Pace RNG200 & DCX700.
Problem on PVR still exists but on Space channel is somewhat less frequent & more of a blip than a total loss of audio - but it occurs on other channels with more frequency & is now accompanied by pixallation as well.
Standard HD box - DCX works fine -
when I become sufficiently ticked again with absence of a cure - will call Shaw or Bell
"pixallation" = bad signal, call them and have them send a tech.
Ratatosk having them send out a teck is useless in most cases. Heck ive had a tech out many times in the past 3 years and they still cant solve my pixelation problem.
I've begun getting audio drop outs for a second or two now and then on HD feeds as well. The PVR is recording the dropouts so I don't think it's my audio set up: HDPVR into Receiver through HDMI and out to LCD through HDMI

Debating on exchanging my Motorola HDPVR for a new unit, preferably a Pace to see if the issues continue.
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