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Are you a 'brain-computer interface engineer'? Facebook wants to hire you.

Facebook users know all too well how eager the social media site is to gather information on us.

Movie preferences, political tendencies, what we post, our ‘likes’-the site wants us to share it all. They seem to seek to analyze it, track it, and use it for marketing.

Sure, you could spend your time “liking” things and events you actually hate, but most of us don’t bother.

All we know is that suddenly content we’ve never heard of is ‘recommended’,  and ads pop up for shoe companies just after joining a charity run online.

But what if you learned that Facebook was actually reading your mind? Yes, it’s impossible, but news reports are indicating that the company is hoping to head this way.

New Projects

(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

Financialpost.com states that recent job advertisements posted by Facebook indicate the company is looking for candidates with Ph-Ds to fill the roles of “brain-computer interface engineer” and a “neural imaging engineer,” for a new, bold, two-year project that will focus on building a “communication and computing platform of the future.”

Hirees will be expected to be proficient at analyzing “neuro-imaging and electrophysiological data” and “developing novel non-invasive neuro-imaging technologies.”

So, what's up? Obviously, Facebook can’t go in and read your mind without your permission- not today, tomorrow, or hopefully at any time in the far-fetched future. That being said, the development of ‘mind reading’ technology is pretty trippy.

Given that science has already developed things l ike tattoos that can store information and light up to show your emotions, it doesn’t seem impossible.