Live music can pull you into a communal and somewhat spiritual experience, if it’s done really well.

But when the guy or woman in front of you films the entire concert, it can really take away from this.

So, Graham Dugoni, a music lover, is fighting back. He has invented something called the Yondr. It’s a pouch that you lock your cell phone into when entering a concert, so that you can’t get at it.

If the phone is really needed, concertgoers can exit to the lobby where it can be unlocked for use…and then locked back up again.

According to a report on, some artists have already used this somewhat controversial technology, including comedian Dave Chappelle, Alicia Keys, Tracy Morgan, Ariana Grande, Hannibal Burress, and Shawn Mendes.

But not everyone loves it. For the cell phone fanatic who really wants to take pics and videos as memorabilia, the pouches present a nuisance. And some even go so far as to say locking up their phone infringes on their free speech.

Fair game or forced coercion?

While the issue is debatable, making your phones inaccessible during face-to-face live events and encounters isn’t something entirely new. Nor is it restricted to the music industry.

A bar owner in the UK has reportedly blocked cell phone signals in his bar, so that clientele will actually interact.

And Apple is said to be working on a patent for technology that would jam cell phones in concerts.

This would act in a similar way as the Yondr pouch and prevent the audience from taking photos and recording artists while they perform onstage.

While it might be annoying for some, others love it.

Want something like this for your own use? Need to talk to your family? Find out more about Yondr, here.