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Is anyone else having problems with the remote control?

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We just got the bell aliant HD PVR and we find that the remote is sorta out of sync with the HD PVR. Also, when we go to turn up the volume on our Panasonic tv, I want it to go to 23 and it'll go two more up than 23.

When we go through the guide (which takes forever with the remote) we have such a hard time browsing through the guide - there's too much of a delay.

I called them and spoke to a young teenager that told me that all their equipement have a 5 second delay

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See the following thread on IR interference. There are workarounds, fixes and tests there if that's your issue.
thank you very much.

i'll try this out tonight! :)

does it make a difference if my tv is a plasma?
As indicated in the thread, some plasmas also emit IR, or cause IR issues (as well as other devices like CFLs, direct sunlight, etc. It's not certain that your issue is with IR interference, but it's pretty easy to check. If it's not, then post back here and perhaps someone else will have other ideas. Also do a cold reboot of the PVR by unplugging it for a while.
again thank you very much for all your help! :)

i followed all the instructions and also did a few cold reboot but i'm still having problems.
So i called Bell Aliant and they are sending me a new remote. The CR told me that there were times that people had the same problem and it was that the buttons would sorta jam up or something.

anyways, i will try a new remote and will let u know if that resolved it or not.
Here's the update:

It was the remote itself. Now working fine.

Thanks for all your help, 57
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