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Is 6Mbps all you get with FibeTV?

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Hey everyone, tried to order FibeTV i'll detail my experience below but for anyone not interested in reading, my main question is:

Since you can only get Fibe 6 with FibeTV, and the modem is the standard one for Fibe25, is it actually capped at 6Mbps or will it run faster depending on how many TVs are turned on?

Here's my story. I live in the beaches at Main and Gerrard. Bell called me 2 days ago to tell me I could get FibeTV. She checked my info, saw I had Fibe 12 and Satellite and said she'd transfer me to someone to convert my satellite. She asked the phone # that my internet was on and I told her that I cancelled my bell line to go to Primus but that it was on 416-xxx-xxxx. She found my account that way. Anyway, I didn't have time to do it then and I wanted to check pricing online so she gave me their FibeTV number to call back.

I looked at pricing and decided to order today so I called. He asks me for my phone number so I give it, and he asks if it's a Bell line. I told him not now that it used to be and he told me you need a Bell phone line to get FibeTV. I told him that doesn't make sense then he started mentioning extra charges and about dry loop so I told him no I have Fibe 12 so he then was able to find my account. He asked my b1 number so he could confirm it was dry loop which it is.

It was one of those typical "Hi there, I'm interested in the choice $62 plan and just wanted more info, like how do I get that price, are there hidden fees" followed by Bell "Okay, so from what I understand, you're calling to place an order for FibeTV and want to order the choice plan for $62 and require more information before making your decision." One of those, repeat everything I say.

Anyway he tells me I can get it and says I need to get Fibe 6. I told him I have Fibe 12 which he said only 6 is available with FibeTV. I asked what the difference in price was then, which he said he'd look into. He directed me to the Bell website to see pricing for Fibe 6 which was useless since I wanted to know how MY plan would change. He showed me the normal Fibe 6 plan, then told me $6.95 modem fee which is funny since Fibe 6 is $3.95 with the normal modem, but since you need the CellPipe one for faster speeds they charge the $6.95. So it worked out that I was saving $5 a month going from 12 to 6 just to get FibeTV. I told him no thanks, that that's way too slow for me and that it won't work so he asked if he answered all my questions and if I was satisfied lol.

Anyway, it got me thinking, I know the CellPipe can do 25Mbps or higher and with BES you used to get around that, then the speed would drop based on the number of TVs turned on. So from people that actually have FibeTV, is it capped at 6, or does it actually run faster if you have TVs turned off?
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They dont know what they are talking about, I havent heard the same thing from 2 of their representatives yet. I think they draw answers from a big bowl everytime someone calls.
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