It has been confirmed that Apple's iPhone trade-in program is now available in retail stores throughout Canada.

Customers can trade-in an older model iPhone (the first 3G model and newer) and receive a gift card of up to $275 towards the purchase of a new iPhone.  The amount of money will vary depending on the model and the quality of the older iPhone

It has been estimated thatcustomers are storing and not recycling approximately $13.4 billion in unused iPhones and the program aims to encourage people to recycle their old iPhones instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Just last week Apple expanded the iPhone trade-in program to retail stores in France, making it the third country to offer the in-store recycling initiative  The in-store recycling program first initiated in August 2013 in the U.S. and was then expanded to include the UK a few months later.

There is also a mail-in recycling program option offered by Apple where customers can send in their older model iPhone and receive a credit the same way. While customers may receive more money for their iPhone using the mail-in option, they will lose out on the convenience of receiving credit immediately with the in-store option.