Shortly after the iPhone 6 Plus’s release last Friday, early reports began to circulate on MacRumors that the phone may bend if the right amount of pressure was placed on the phone’s aluminum frame.

Screen distortions were caused by actions as simple as sitting down the wrong way or wearing tight pants with the phone in the front pocket, users said.

Lewis Hilsenteger of review site Unbox Therapy decided to put the rumours to the test on YouTube, and the results are pretty astounding (and not in a good way).  The 6 Plus actually bends under the force of Hilsenteger’s hands.

In an effort to remain fair and balanced, Hilsenteger also did a follow up  “bend test” with a Galaxy Note 3, though we’re not entirely certain how appropriate of a comparison this is since the Note 3 is plastic instead of aluminum.

See for yourself the results of the iPhone 6 Plus bend test below:



Source: VentureBeat