Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine today announced its Top 10 lists for the most searched people, news stories, celebrity events, and consumer electronics in 2011.

Apparently the software giant is unaware that there is another month left in 2011 but why let a dose of reality spoil some fun.

Here are Microsoft Canada's most searched terms for 2011 on the Bing search site.

Consumer Electronics

Topping Canadians most searched list for 2011 in Consumer Electronics was "iPhone 5" which was the fourth most searched term in the United States. Xbox was Bing's most searched consumer electronics product of the year, beating out Playstation and Wii as the favorite games console of the year but are we really surprised?

Most-Searched Person of the Year

While Bieber Fever moved south this year taking the U.S.’s top spot, Canadians were enamoured with U.S. export and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who topped the list as the person most searched by Canadians on Bing in 2011. Bieber’s popularity remains strong here in Canada – the young superstar secured ninth place in Canadian searches as the only Canadian in the top 10 list for both countries. While all things royal made a strong showing in 2011 across celebrity events and news stories, it was Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, who cracked the Canadian top ten, coming in at number four on the most-searched person list. Her royal sister just missed the cut, coming in at number 12. Other Canadian celebrities of note included Shania Twain and Jack Layton who both made the top 50.

Top Celebrity Events

Top News Stories