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iPhone 4 Availability

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I am surprised to see that there is virtually no discussion taking place here about the elusiveness of this product since it launched more than a month ago.

Perhaps this could be a good venue to exchange tips on where / when to get the phone. I've been calling around for 2 weeks now, stopping by every store that could potentially carry it, to no avail.

I know the Apple Store in West Edmonton Mall is selling some as I write this, and I'm being told the Southgate Mall Apple store (still in Edmonton) may have some later today.

Anyone else frustrated with the search process? I am losing my mind!!!
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I checked with my Rogers + store in Moncton and they had some so I picked one up last Thursday (16 GB) . I had also put my name on a list with Bell mobility (speedy Communications) and they called on Monday to say it had arrived.

So supply in Moncton "seems" to be getting better.
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