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iPad video review

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It's late, but it's finally released.

I just hope iOS 4 fixes a few of the annoyances. I've tried the jailbreak, but it didn't have everything that I needed.
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Thanks Francois. Looks good. Great editing too. Plus you answered a few questions I had about the iPads media formats.
Quick note. You CAN load non-compatible video formats on the iPad, but ONLY if you convert the files to MP4/H.264 with utilities such as HandBrake. I'm thinking of doing a follow-up video to explain how to properly use that particular tool. If you're not careful, the converted files can end up being bigger than the originals!
Enjoyed the review....don't have an ipad - sticking with my netbook but
FYI about playing non-Apple video formats -
Take a look at SuperC aka Super© too for your next video. No not the Metro Inc company. :)
I already have Super. I hate it. The software is buggy, and the interface is pretty ugly. HandBrake is much, much better. A few simple steps, and you have a profile that will produce iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad compatible videos each and every time. More on this in the next video.

I've also been advised that the Wi-Fi iPads do NOT have GPS, but I'm not so sure about that. The iPad's locator behaves in the same erratic way indoors as my Nokia N900 phone's GPS unit. Plus, the compass still works even when the Wi-Fi is turned off! I'll have to do a few tests to see what's true here.
Great and funny review, Francois. You hit on the same sore points I've experienced. How was the jailbreak experience? Any problems?
Yes. How Apple managed to let such a security hole wide open is beyond belief! :p

Aside from a brief freeze-up during a reboot, the jailbreak procedure went very well. Unfortunately, the one item I needed more than anything else was simply not available: OpenVPN. Without that, there's absolutely no way I can access any of my systems from the outside. OpenVPN is the only point of entry. I'm not interested in opening any other ports to the outside world, especially the SSH, VNC and RDP ports which are simply not secure enough.

Why doesn't Apple support OpenVPN when my Nokia N900 does?

BTW, I had an alternate idea for the bathroom scene, but I thought it was best to not go through with it if I didn't want the video to be flagged. ;)
Great review Francois! That must have taken a lot of effort to film and edit together.

I agree the keyboard could use some additional keys. Would be great if they had a small row of keys above the keyboard that you could configure with custom keys of your choosing...

One tip on the keyboard: if you swipe upward on the comma (,) key you get an apostrophe.
Good review - you hit on my pet peeve which is a lack of cursor keys that makes it very awkward to navigate when in typing mode.
If you look at the part of the video that discusses multitasking, you'll see that the VNC client did in fact add an extra row of keys on top of the keyboard. However, this is an application specific addition which isn't available system-wide. But it does show that it can be done.

Unfortunately, the upward swipe of the comma key doesn't work for me, possibly because of the French Canadian keyboard layout. But if I keep my finger on the comma, the apostrophe does pop up. Unfortunately, the delay is so long that it's quicker to use the secondary keyboard layout!

It would be nice if the secondary layout access buttons could be made non-sticky. It would then act like a shift key.

Apple doesn't need to redo the entire operating system here. They just need to loosen up on a few restrictions and let people develop the helpers that would make the iPad really fly. In fact, Apple might not have any other choice. I just learned that Asus is getting ready to release Android based tablets in 2011.

Asus already hit paydirt before with their cheap but highly functional netbooks. Can they make it 2 for 2 in the tablet world?
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good review. for a lot of the reasons you listed, I sold off my ipad a while back
Excellent review, thanks!

Since I have not purchase one yet, I noticed that comment about images, what would happen if I transfer an ebook or comic book in JPG format? For example, 20-30 pages (JPEGs) for a comic. Would the page order become messed up?
Yes, it would become messed up. In fact, that's exactly how I found out about the problem.


Load the *free* comic book reader app CloudReaders, transfer a ZIP, RAR or PDF file containing your comic book to the app via iTunes, and enjoy! The app will remember the last page read in all of your comic books, and includes a toggle button to reverse the page flip order for the books that must be read right to left.

GoodReader is another option, but you have to pay for that one, although I believe it's only 99 cents. However, I don't know if it includes any DRM protection schemes. On top of being a cheapskate, my personal preference is to avoid DRM altogether because of its all too frequent tendency to screw up even on your legitimate purchases.
If you're planning to read a lot of comics then you may want to check out Comic Zeal. It's definitely not cheap ($8) but it has better organization capabilities for collections and the images come out sharper as compared to CloudReaders.
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