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iPad is taking forever to back-up and sync

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Starting a few days ago my iPad starting taking forever to back-up and sync. Click sync and often wait 30 or 40 minutes.

I updated to the new firmware yesterday hoping that might resolve the issue but set it to sync his morning and 15 minutes later its about 20% of the way through backing up.

Anybody else having similar problems?
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Okay, after spending a day reading news and what have you on my ipad, I decided to sync up and see what happens. I still have 15,719 files in my backup folder. Ipad is still backing up to the same folder. The backup took 9 minutes. Of the 15,719 files, 93 files amounting to 6.6mb were modified. The files were mostly news app files. So it appears, if your backup is corrupt, or has never been run, or is new, or if you have added a lot of new apps, you are in for a long backup. But once its done, itunes just backs up the stuff that has changed. Hope this helps answer some questions.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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