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iPad is taking forever to back-up and sync

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Starting a few days ago my iPad starting taking forever to back-up and sync. Click sync and often wait 30 or 40 minutes.

I updated to the new firmware yesterday hoping that might resolve the issue but set it to sync his morning and 15 minutes later its about 20% of the way through backing up.

Anybody else having similar problems?
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Larry, might have to. I've done a few things which have brought the back-up time to about an hour (which is still flippin ridiculous) so now I try to do it when I know that I won't need it for a few hours.

This isn't just an IPAD issue. IPODS also can have slow slow backups. This has been an ongoing complaint for a long time. I'm convinced that Apple has deliberately made their "Intel" PC software buggy and sluggish just to try to get you to switch to Apples/MACS. I used to have a lot of respect for Apple but with each passing month I'm becoming less and less of a supporter.

Slightly off topic but last Friday's press conference re: IPHONE was an eye-opener as to what Jobs and his company are really like.
iTunes just released an update might be worth giving that a try for backup issues.
That's weird, are you syncing to a mac or pc? My iPad syncs so insanely fast that I almost never sync my iPhone 3G anymore due to the speed difference.

Do you have a lot of photos on the device? Apparently photos are the most common source of slow backups, but still, I have nearly 50 gigs of data on my iPad right now and the sync is never more than a couple minutes.
I don't think the entire iPad ever is backed up. I think it only has to backup data that is only stored on the iPad. Music libraries, apps, and files added to your itunes library don't need to be backed up. Each app has its own data space which will need to be backed up since there is no equivalent file in iTunes. So the news reader apps, etc end up keeping a lot of data on your iPad which if not backed up will be lost.

I'm just guessing here.
My backups have been taking 6-8 hours for about a month. I can find dozens of complaints posted but no answers; nothing. Everyone says buy an apple if you don't want problems. Well, granted I have a lot less problems with apple, but when I have a problem, there are never any answers. Apple answers, like everything else that's apple, are propriatary, top secret. According to Jobs, they don't even exist. I have a support agreement with Apple. They said to reset the ipad and start over. Great!
Meyco - look back a few links and try the programs that will give you a live view of the backup process. You will likely find the apps causing the long delays. Options are not to backup each time.
I found this:
I used it to monitor what was being backed up. It appears to be thousands of cached news clips and articles from all the news apps I have downloaded. Its stuff that doesn't need to be backed up. Solution: get rid of all the news apps like, pulsenews, usatoday, guardian, every ebay item I ever pulled up, etc.. Hey Apple, why are we backing up this junk?
Thanks, i was wondering where I found those apps. I'm backing up thousands of news articles and clips form all the news orgs I subscribe to.
My horror story: Started the backup at 10:00 a.m. this morning. Just came back (8:55 p.m.) and the process was only 55% done!
There is no way for the itunes backup to know what files need to be backed up. Apple should add an attribute on the files stored on the ipad to indicate whether they need to be backed up. Some do, and some don't. I would venture to say that most don't.
My solution...

I ran the utilities mentioned earlier and found that two or three apps were backing up several thousand files. In my case the apps in question were Pulse Reader and an app that showcased hundreds of apps (sorry I forget what it was called) in a cool revolving display. I also took off good reader as it had been listed on a few forums as possibly being one of the apps that slow things down. Once I removed them my backup time decreased dramatically. Hope they fix things soon as I really liked the pulse reader app.
I am using SlowBackupLive to monitor backup. I have now been running ipad backup for over 16 hours. The program is backing up cached news clips and articles from all my news apps. This seems to be a major flaw in the design of the backup process. I would like to upgrade to the latest OS update for the ipad, but doing so forces a backup during the install process. Honestly, Apple support told me to reset and restore the unit to factory settings. When I bought my ipad, they forgot to tell me that 64gb is cool, but if you try to actually use it, you will be lost in backup limbo forever.
Nursedude: I use goodreader and pulse too. Other apps that save huge amounts of cached data, that I have, are usatoday, ebay, craigslist, wired magainze, popular mech, my local newspaper, TVGuide, webmd, something called bonniercorp.magplus.PSCItune, guardian news, and the weather channel. My backup has been running 16 hours and is 80% complete. I have backed up over 15,000 files so far, amounting to only 1.5gb of space. I can hear Jobs now: Our wonderful ipad backs up all your files and uses very little space; none of our competitors can do this.
Hey guys, you have to remember that these are "features" of the IPAD courtesy of Apple and Mr. Jobs and indicate that your IPAD functioning as expected.

(As might have been stated in Applespeak).
Backup has now been running a little over 20-hours. About 90% complete. Have backed up 15,518 worthless files so far. By worthless, I mean there are no apps in this backup, and the vast majority of this stuff is news articles I either have already read, or didn't want to read. Those 15,518 files are presently occupiing 1.15gb of diskspace.
I'd love to kill my 20-hour long backup, but I'm so very close to the end; only 2-more hours to go, and I can't wait to see what happens next; but of course I must wait. It's part of the Apple experience. My bets are, 1) the pending software upgrade will probably crash or hang; 2) the next time I sync, I'll have to create another 22-hour backup first (unless I abort the backup of course); 3) Jobs will take months to acknowlege this issue and then claim this is unique feature, and was intentionally designed this way; 4)all of the above. BTW: I love my ipad, when I'm not syncing or backing up.
Okay, finally...The backup took exactly 21-hours to the minute. The backup folder contains 15,719 files. For those who tuned in late, this backup was kicked off automatically when I chose to install an Apple OS update to my ipad. There was no way to cancel the backup without stoping the install process; at least as far as I could tell; there are no buttons to click on, other than to X out of itunes. Following the 21-hour backup, the install proceeded with the installation of the update. This took exactly five minutes was was followed by an ipad reboot. After the reboot, itunes imediately started the sync routine as expected, which, guess what, includes another backup. However, here's the good news: The second backup took 4 minutes and only added or updated 49 files in the previous 15,000 file backup folder. So it appears the second backup might have been a differential backup. I'm going to sync again later and will post an update on the next sync/backup task.
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Okay, here's my second analysis. I unpluged my ipad for about an hour. I pluged it back in and itunes imediately kicked off a sync starting with a backup. The whole process took less than 2 minutes. Upon examiniation of my PC, no new backup folder was created. There are still 15,719 files in the backup folder created earlier. Only three files were updated. They were manifest.plist, status.plist, and info.plist. So it appears that itunes is performing an update to the existing backup folder and files. After I read some ipad news this evening (and change add some news files), I'll check it again to see what changed in the backup directory.
Did you check and see if either app had the ability to clear their cache in the setup menu? If not I'd complain to the authors about it.
You could also check and see if the clear all settings and data option would have flushed the system so it was faster to back up.
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