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iPad is taking forever to back-up and sync

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Starting a few days ago my iPad starting taking forever to back-up and sync. Click sync and often wait 30 or 40 minutes.

I updated to the new firmware yesterday hoping that might resolve the issue but set it to sync his morning and 15 minutes later its about 20% of the way through backing up.

Anybody else having similar problems?
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While on vacation I loaded 1300 pictures on my iPad, along with with the videos and apps already on the device. All in all I have over 40GB on my iPad.

I did a sync, which starts with a backup - this took 8 hours (my PC is a bit older and not all that fast). The actual sync only took only a few minutes.

Now I'm dreading the next time I need to sync.
Here are some ideas I got from the Apple forums on this subject:

Some utilities to monitor backup progress:

Also, an program to disable backups when Syncing (use with caution). If you transfer your purchased apps to iTunes, and have no 'iPad' only data, you should be fine with no backups.

I think the long backup times is due to the large files (or perhaps the large # of files) being backed up. Apparently, its not only the total size, but also the number of files which can affect backup times. The utilities above could help isolate where the time is being used.
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You might want to backup once a month or whenever you choose to, rather than everytime you need to sync. Just an option.
I don't think the entire iPad ever is backed up. I think it only has to backup data that is only stored on the iPad. Music libraries, apps, and files added to your itunes library don't need to be backed up. Each app has its own data space which will need to be backed up since there is no equivalent file in iTunes. So the news reader apps, etc end up keeping a lot of data on your iPad which if not backed up will be lost.

I'm just guessing here.
Meyco - look back a few links and try the programs that will give you a live view of the backup process. You will likely find the apps causing the long delays. Options are not to backup each time.
There is no way for the itunes backup to know what files need to be backed up. Apple should add an attribute on the files stored on the ipad to indicate whether they need to be backed up. Some do, and some don't. I would venture to say that most don't.
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