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iPad is taking forever to back-up and sync

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Starting a few days ago my iPad starting taking forever to back-up and sync. Click sync and often wait 30 or 40 minutes.

I updated to the new firmware yesterday hoping that might resolve the issue but set it to sync his morning and 15 minutes later its about 20% of the way through backing up.

Anybody else having similar problems?
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Wow, just spent close to 25 minutes on Apple Forum reading pages of complaints about this.

Very frustrating. It's to a point that I am really souring on the device.
I love the device but I don't have that much time that I can wait an hour or 90 minutes to back-up and sync!
Yeah Apple files and programs seem to get corrupted a lot!

My guess is the Apple back-up process just stinks. I can understand how the first back-up could take a while over USB but honestly an incremental back-up should take minutes at most.

If a file is corrupt - highly unlikely - then it should alert the user and provide some remedy so the back-up is only slow the one time. Next time, the file should be fixed and the backup run smooth.
IMO, turning off back-ups is wrong. Who wants to lose meta data or data?
Larry, might have to. I've done a few things which have brought the back-up time to about an hour (which is still flippin ridiculous) so now I try to do it when I know that I won't need it for a few hours.
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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