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iPad and Bluetooth headphone

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I picked up an inexpensive pair of bluetooth headphones (SCOSCHE HZ5 TUNESTREAM). It pairs easily with the iPad and works great with most applications. However, when I startup some applications (such as Skype), the bluetooth link is severed to the headset and I can't get it to resync easily.

I tried to find information on this - unsuccessfully. Is this a problem with the headphones, the Bluetooth implementation on the iPad or the application itself?
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I am finding that once the iPad looses connection with the headphones, it won't reconnect. When I power off the headphones, they won't turn back on unless I connect them to "charge" - even for a few seconds. Then they will turn on and connect fine with the iPad. So either the headphones are flakey, or the iPad is screwing up the headphones so bad they need to be "rebooted".

A little disappointing.
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