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iOS 4.3 available now (March 9)

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Downloading it right now 669.8mb
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Yeah - I had read that and did comment out the entries, and still had it fail two more times. But I am guessing that because I had jailbroken, saved SHSH blobs and whatever else on the iMac, something got hinky in there.

So, with that explanation of the 1013 error, that means that you can't update (assuming you've downloaded the .ipsw update file already) without being connected to the internet (?).
Does 802.11n work with 4.3 for you?

Does 802.11n work with 4.3 for you? I just read on Apple support forums that 4.3 breaks wireless N on the iPhone, iPad, and ATV2.

I updated my iPhone 4, but cannot tell if wireless N still works, since my router only supports mixed modes (b/g/n at 2.4GHz and a/n at 5GHz) and the iPhone could be falling back to G. I'm hesitant to update my ATV2 and my wife's iPad.
My iPad is connecting fine to 5ghz on my base station. I have the 5ghz and 2.4 named differently so I can tell which things are connecting to.
Considering 4.3 has been out for 3 days and none of the tech press/blogs have reported anything wrong, it's a fair bet that it's an isolated problem (if it exists).
Apple will be releasing 4.3.1 soon but it only fixes a security hole, there are other reports of a wireless n issue... just wait and see!
You're right. It seems only non-Apple routers NOT running mixed mode are affected.
Read this on MacRumors: try turning on WMM on your router. I don't know what that setting is but it has fixed it for some.
What about security patches for iPhone 3G?

My iPad and iPhone4 updated quite painlessly, but to be honest, there's not a lot of excitement in this update save for Personal Hotspot.

I think one of the biggest reasons to update though, is the security patches that are included, and there are a lot of them!

This leaves me concerned about my iPhone 3G. Now that these vulnerabilities are known, there had better be a point-level update for older devices to keep them secure...
I have now updated an Iphone, iPad and a iPod touch. Combined it's over 1.5GB of download. I can't believe they can't make it more efficient.
Signal drop outs since update

Hi All, since the update to 4.3 I've noticed my phone dropping signal (rogers) very often. Even worse, in a few instances when coming out of a no signal area such as an underground parking lot I must reboot my phone in order to acquire a signal again. My I4 didn't do this before and I'm considering doing an OS rollback to see if the problem goes away. Anyone else having this problem?
Has anyone learned whether or not you have been charged extra for using the hotspot feature? Bell in particular?

My plan supposedly includes tethering but I'd like to confirm before I update and lose my jailbreak.
With Telus and Rogers I know you can use Hotspot feature, with no extra fees, as long as you are on a plan that supports tethering.

Which I believe is any plan with >1 GB of data/mo.
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