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I upgraded 2 iPhones, and 3 iPads last night (I guess only 2 downloads, one for each type of product).

Took a total of 30 minutes to download, an hour to update software on all devices.

I have been testing Hotspot. THIS ROCKS!!! I can now use my Wifi only iPad anywhere, to say nothing of my kids' devices and my own laptop. The iPhone knows when something is connected and turns the hotspot on and off automatically just as advertised. Beats Bluetooth tethering ANY day and it looks like it's very gentle of battery use on my iPhone (although this is preliminary).

This is another one of those milestones in my own personal computing experience.

I'm also reading forums about the cost of doing this on AT&T (iOS 4.3 isn't available for the Verizon iPhone) and it's nice to know that for the first time, I feel like as Canadians, we're coming out ahead of our neighbours to the south.

Thanks Apple and Rogers!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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