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iOS 4.2 Software Update for iPad

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This update contains over 100 new features for iPad including support for multitasking, folders, unified mail inbox, Game Center, AirPrint, AirPlay, and many system improvements. It is highly recommended for all iPad users.

iOS 4.2 for iPad includes the following:

• Multitasking support for third-party apps
- Multitasking user interface to quickly move between
apps, adjust screen brightness, control playback,
lock screen-rotation, and manage print jobs
- Support for audio apps to play in the background
- VoIP apps can receive and maintain calls in the
background or when device is asleep
- Apps can monitor location and take action while
running in the background
- Alerts and messages can be pushed to apps using
push and local notifications
- Apps can complete tasks in the background
• Folders to better organize and access apps
• Mail improvements
- Unified inbox to view emails from all accounts in one
- Fast inbox switching to quickly switch between
different email accounts
- Threaded messages to view multiple emails from the
same conversation
- Import .ics files into Calendar
- Open attachments with compatible third-party apps
- File or delete search results
- Option to select size of photo attachments
- Messages in the Outbox can be edited or deleted
• Game Center
- Send and receive friend requests
- Invite friends to multi-player games over the Internet
- Play multi-player games by auto-matching with other
- View Leaderboards and Achievements
- Discover new games from friends
• AirPrint
- Print mail, photos, web pages, and more directly to
AirPrint compatible printers on a local wireless network
• AirPlay
- Wirelessly stream videos, music, and photos to
Apple TV
- Wirelessly stream music to AirPlay-enabled speakers or
receivers, including AirPort Express
• Find text on web pages in Safari
• Use Spotlight to search the web and Wikipedia
• Suggestions and recent searches appear during a web
• Support for TV show rentals using iTunes
• Create and edit iTunes playlists on device
• Support for iTunes gifting of apps
• Send and accept calendar invitations wirelessly with
supported CalDAV servers
• Support for MobileMe calendar sharing
• Enhanced location privacy
- A Location Services icon appears in the status bar to
indicate when Location Services are being used
- Location Services can be enabled and disabled per app
- Indication of apps that have requested your location
within the last 24 hours
• Additional Parental Controls
- Prevent adding friends in Game Center and deletion
of apps
- Restrict changes to Accounts and Location Services
• New languages, dictionaries and keyboards
• New fonts available in Notes
• Wirelessly sync notes using IMAP-based mail accounts
• Automatic spellcheck
• Silence background sounds using the Silent switch on
the side of iPad
• Improved support for Bluetooth AVRCP
• Persistent WiFi connection to receive push notifications
• Support for Bluetooth braille displays and International
braille tables, control VoiceOver using an external
keyboard, and other accessibility enhancements
• Wireless delivery of carrier settings updates for
iPad WiFi + 3G
• Improved enterprise support
- Support for third-party Mobile Device Management
- Enables wireless distribution of enterprise applications
- Exchange Server 2010 compatibility
- Support for multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts
- Support for Juniper Junos Pulse and Cisco
AnyConnect SSL VPN apps (available from the
App Store)
• More than 1,500 new developer APIs
• Bug fixes
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Just updated mine.

So I see the Orientation lock is now the mute button. So How do I lock the orientation now?
Double tap the home button to get the multitasking bar. Slide it to the right and you'll get the Airplay bar. There's an icon on that.
One thing I didn't see on the list is that backups are thankfully much much faster. We're talking a few minutes here instead of hours.
Anyone know where to get information on how to use the new features?

After I downloaded and installed IOS 4.2 on my iPad, I searched Apple Canada and Apple US without finding more than a list of the new features of IOS 4.2 and no explanation on how to use them.
Thanks NeilN. I'll have to take some time to go through this.
Yeah! Thanks NeilN! It's not like Apple went out of their way to explain the new features to us. If I have to test and debug someone else's product, I want to be paid for it! :p
Thanks NeilN. I haven't upgraded yet and wanted to know whether it really was worth it.
You're welcome guys. The biggest complaint about this upgrade is that the orientation lock switch has been turned into a mute switch. Having limited use of my right hand, I think I prefer the switch on the multitasking bar anyways.

Key features for me: Folders (really nice implementation), fast app switching, and Airplay (love being able to stream music apps to my home theatre or bedroom stereo).

I think the iPad sucks up more of a battery charge when asleep under 4.2 but this is casual observation only; I need to perform more formalized tests. Streaming using AirPlay while browsing with Safari reduces the battery charge 13%-14% per hour instead of the usual 10% but I'm perfectly fine with that.
The biggest complaint about this upgrade is that the orientation lock switch has been turned into a mute switch.
I find this really frustrating. I use the orientation lock a lot. I don't remember using mute. I wish their could be a setting that allows you to use it as a mute switch or orientation lock.

On the plus side, I like the folders ability, fast app switching and I installed the "Find My Iphone" app which is now free for the iPad.
"Find my iphone app"

Apparently, if you setup the free "find my iphone" app on an iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod touch, or iPad, you can add pre-2010 devices (3g, 3gs, etc) as well. Normally you have to pay for this feature on older devices.
Really? That would be great if true, I'll try it out today on my iPhone 3G
"Once you've activated Find My iPhone on a newer iOS device, just repeat the steps on a pre-2010 iOS device and it should work like a charm. I tested the process by turning on Find My iPhone on an iPad, then enabling it on an iPhone 3G.

To verify that everything's working, just point your browser to Find My iPhone and make sure both devices are in your device list."

Quoted from lifehacker tech blog.
It works. Thanks SuperGenius. My iPad and iPhone now have it installed and working. Nice extra. Didn't want to spend $100 a year for it and now I'm not so angry for taking away my hardware based Orientation Lock ;)
Love the folders, don't really care about multitasking or fast app switching, really hate that the switch on the side is now totally useless to me. I don't have any notifications turned on so a switch that mutes them does me no good whatsoever. Wish Apple had made a simple setting to choose the function of that switch.

I would like multitasking more if they made a gesture-based way to switch apps...three-finger swipe or something. Double-tapping the home button seems cumbersome to me.
I guess the changes are something different for everyone. Personally I'm happy about the side switch now being mute... I keep it by my bed at night and I've been woken up a few times with push notifications coming when I had forgot to turn the sound all the way down. :) I never used the switch for orientation lock, it was nice for me to set it in the soft menu.

I love the folders, I now have one screen of apps instead of 6. That's the feature I was most looking forward to.
I guess the changes are something different for everyone.
Hence why its so dumb that Apple did not give you the option.

I typically use the lock mechanism several times a day. Now I am frustrated when I have to double press the button, scroll over and press the lock icon.
The worst is using the iPad while lying in bed. As you move, even small amounts, the screen tends to flip around. Now when I try to lock it, just the act of shifting my hands to double-click the home button can be enough to change the orientation by mistake and then I have to flip it around again once I get the lock button on the screen. In the past with the hardware switch I could hold it still and just flip the switch, easy peasy!

Please Apple, give us a choice on this one!
One nice addition that hasn't been mentioned is the ability for you to view and download .pdf files in Safari. Previously, if a link took you to a .pdf file, you couldn't do anything. You had to use an app which could take a url and upload the .pdf.

This now is native in safari. It will display the pdf file, and also give you the ability to download it to any app that can read them. Pretty neat.
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