If you're in the market for a new personal computer then it’s likely you have considered buying one with a new Intel Core i7 processor. These multi-core processors with hyper threading technology are what power computing users drool over.

If you're shopping at Tiger Direct today for the latest and greatest Intel CPU’s, however, you may wish to wait a bit longer before pulling the trigger.

A sharp eyed Digital Home reader searching for the new processor on the Tiger Direct website was surprised to learn that the discount electronics retailer is selling the Intel Core i7-950 for a whopping $5,389,762.88.

No word on how sales of the new processor are doing but our guess is that sales would improve if they were selling it for a more retail friendly price point, say $4,999,999.99.

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Update: Good news for shoppers, the price has been lowered to $752.99, a savings of $5,389,009.89.