At the beginning of September, Shaw Direct introduced new firmware - version 06.22 - for the company's newest satellite receivers.

Since that time, Digital Home has received a significant number of complaints from HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 owners who say the new firmware has significantly slowed down the speed of the user interface, spontaneous resets, lost recordings, and missed recordings.

In an effort to find out how widespread the problems were and what was being done about them, Digital Home contacted Shaw Direct on behalf of Digital Home readers.

The result was a wide ranging discussion with the engineer who oversees the team that codes, tests and releases Shaw Direct's firmware updates.

In a nutshell, Shaw Direct told us that rather than being problematic, the recent firmware update has been a quite a success with subscribers reporting very few problems.

Shaw told Digital Home the V 06.22 firmware update was tested by over 1,000 users before it was released to subscribers and very few problems were found. The company did acknowledge that there was a slight "trade-off" in performance when navigating the guide, however, it found that in testing, users quickly stopped noticing the slowdown when they realized just how many improvements were embedded in the new firmware.

According to the company, the firmware is now installed on over 200,000 satellite receivers yet engineering has only heard of less than a dozen complaints. While not perfect, Shaw Direct says the small number of major problems experienced by subscribers - less than one complaint for every ten thousand receivers - means the firmware update was a success.

The company also told Digital Home that the bulk of those complaints were fixed by a special type of reset that can only be performed by Shaw Direct staff so users who are experiencing major issues with their HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 satellite receiver should call Shaw Direct customer service and get the problem fixed.

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