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Competition and diversity in web browsers is a huge consumer win, so its great to see people recognizing that.
See their FAQ. They proactively track certain browsers:
BROWSERS: What browsers do you track?

To see the list of browsers currently tracked, please select the "Browser" statistic and choose the "Bar" graph option. Next click "Download Data" - the downloaded file will list all browsers currently tracked.
and they sift through all www browser strings to identify the platform:
MOBILE: How do you track mobile devices?

We track over 15 billion pageloads per month across the StatCounter network of over 3 million websites. We analyze every hit in order to gather as much information as possible. With each hit a useragent string is sent which allows us to determine the the browser and operating system used and also to establish if the hit came from a mobile device. In this way we determine the usage of mobile devices, browsers and operating systems.
Interesting that even the most facile, cursorial look at the graphs on the Statcounter site indicates that amongst the continents, Europe (which enforces the rule whereby Microsoft must present a fair menu choice for choosing a default web browser from amongst several makers) shows the closest competition amongst users.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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