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Internet Clock radio - Options

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Hi all,

I own a Roku R1000 internet radio. Love that thing. Sounds amazing and really easy to use, especially as a clock radio in the dark with sleep timer and nice display. To tune a station, I press one of the preset buttons and the snooze button a few times to set the sleep timer. Couldn't be easier.

The radio is however quite old now and starting to show signs of aging. The subwofer is dead and the display is starting to go. The Wifi (which is 802.11b only!) is giving issues too.

So I'm starting to look for options but nothing comes close to it in terms of ease of use. I tried both a Grace radio and one from Pure but they are just not the same.

I think Bose Wave SoundTouch Music system IV might be the closest thing, but a little pricey at $749.

Anyone have any recommendations?
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Yes, I think I looked at the squeezebox at some point before, but l like many others on the market, it's quite old now and probably no longer supported. Surprised there's no real market for this anymore (most just focus on connecting with a phone via BT, and don't have a internet tuner built-in). The Roku R1000 was probably the best model I've ever come across.
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