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Sounds interesting, I've always liked Denon. Especially their quality to cost ratio.

We sell Denon in the front, I'm in service. I'll have to look for that model!

{Before we move down south (to an apartment building!) I purchased 2 Adcom AV/SS pre-amps (or control amps as the used to be called) (1 as a spare or parts) to hook up to my Kenwood Basic M2-A & 'cough' Scott rack mount driving a pair of vintage Kenwoods (MV-7?) a pair of Alesi? towers & a pair of smaller wall mounts (Pyramids I think). But now that's all in storage for now & we're using an LG Home Theatre system (speakers sound alot better than they look!).}

I'd call them "pre-amp proc". because they're not before the processing, they do the processing!

: > )
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