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The links and the articles in this thread / on this subject are very interesting.

All the comments and opinions and ideas too.
[read some of the comments with the articles - from other readers]

Seems to me that the more sources we have for content ... the more complex ... but also the more sources we have, the better.

It brings competition and choice and innovation and variety.
Keeps all the content providors working hard for the customer.
Helps prevent monopolistic behavior.

In addition I have found good/excellent content / entertainment by going out the old fashioned way:

- at the movie theatre (discount Tuesday's / The Opera "Live at the MET" transmitted in HD in the movie theatres <excellent!>. Concerts etc. at the Theatre.)

- go see a live University Hockey or Football game.

- your local live performance hall. Ex. Live Theatre, Concert, Arts Center.
ex. NAC, National Arts Center in Ottawa, Centerpointe Theatre Ottawa.

All excellent stuff, not necessarily viewed on an electronic viewing screen.

Variety is great - and I think it's good to get out once in a while too.

I'm constantly looking at *ALL* the "entertainment" schedules out there TV, LIVE, Other etc etc... And deciding what new stuff I wanna do next - based on my schedule and budget ... and what I feel like doing ...

It's really good to broaden you options. Try something new and different.
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